How To Find a Haircut For Your Face Shape and Lifestyle

Are you tired of your hair style? It’s never too late to get a cut that makes you feel confident and beautiful. It has the power to brighten your day and make you appear younger. Haircuts are also a great way to portray your personality to the world by giving the impression of creativity or professionalism. 

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

The first step to determine the perfect haircut is the shape of your face. It provides a great template to find hair styles that are flattering specifically to you. Then your lifestyle plays a role in determining the length and style. (It is important to consult with your stylist to see if the hair style you’re envisioning is applicable. Different hair types also affect the haircut and style.)

What is your face shape?


Individuals with oval face shapes can wear any hair styles. There are not many restrictions so they can rock a short bob, pixie cut or long layers. Medium-length hair, light waves, and a bob look the most flattering. 

Which style fits your lifestyle?


Individuals with round face shapes should cut their hair in a manner that elongates the face. The hair styles should frame the face with side bangs and layers. Avoid haircuts shorter than the chin. Therefore, short bobs, blunt cunts, and straight bangs are not suggested. Hair styles that are the most flattering are long straight hair, a long fringe, or a long wavy ponytail. 


Individuals with square face shapes have clearly defined chin and cheek bones. It is suggested to have long hair styles that soften and frame the face. Long hair with a fringe, medium waves with a fringe, and a bob with fringe look most flattering. Blunt cuts just above the shoulder are also flattering. It is suggested to avoid short haircuts like pixie haircuts, that enhance the square face shape. 


Individuals with a heart shaped face have defined distinctive chins. The hair styles for this face shape should aim to bring more attention to the eyes and cheeks. Soft, curly, or wavy styles do a great job of this by framing the face. Short pixie cuts and shoulder length hair look great as well. Long hair styles that do not frame the face should be avoided. They accentuate the thinner chin too much. 


A variety of different styles look great on a diamond face shape. The hair styles should aim to soften the appearance of cheeks. Hair styles that look most flattering are medium-length hair with a parting, a thick fringe with waves, or a pixie style. It is important to avoid excessive layers and too much volume.