Firstly, we want to thank all our customers who have supported us through this difficult time. We will continue to take all possible safety precautions to ensure your safety and health. You are our number one priority!

What require of you when entering the premise

  • It is mandatory that you wear a mask.
  • Please use hand sanitizer once entering. 
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of high fever, shortness of breath or coughing please DO NOT ENTER the salon to protect the stylists and customers.
  • Please do not bring any drinks or food. 

What we are doing to protect our stylists and customers: 

  • ALL stylists are required to wear a mask at all times 
  • Customers are scheduled with a 15 minute gap between one another to sanitize the stations and tools. 
  • Customers are never double booked at the same time with one stylist. 
  • There is more than 6 ft between all customers to practice social distancing. 
  • The shampoo bowls are sanitized after every use.
  • The bathroom is off limits but it is sanitized after every use. 
  • Cards are all disinfected. 
  • The front desk and door are sanitized after each use. 
  • We are taking great measures to sanitize everything that has been touched. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 919-489-4711